WEEK OF FEB 8: Seasonless Pieces and Unexpected Fabrics

(ICYMI) Every Thursday we drop our new arrivals & walk you through some looks we put together on Instagram.
This week (week 2 of February) we’re discussing season-less pieces… absorbing inspiration from the people around you… unexpected fabrics you might see on a vintage sofa… and oh so much more.
Let’s break down some L00Ks with B & Sav.

look 3

something unexpected
Don’t think harshly about your summer vs winter vs cold vs warm clothes… they can be more seasonless than you think.
Throwing in an unexpected “warm weather” piece brings a little bit of warmth and joy to something as simple as a graphic tee and beanie.

look 2

jacquard + toile for the boys

We love Wax London's commitment to sustainability and ultra cool British style. 
We're always into a fun take on a toile (i.e. Rachel Antonoff’s Soprano’s toile…) and the this jacquard set does NOT disappoint.

look 3

surprisingly comfy pattern mixing

We’ve decided leopard is a neutral, yes?? We’re all in agreement??
This super comfy Ganni midi dress + an easy pair of Birkenstocks + soft and fuzzy Primecut bag bring this one into extra comfort.



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