The inaugural INTERbowl 2024 and thoughts on some other things....

It’s Game Day


What are you Eating?

If you find yourself uninspired with the chips and dip you’ve been calling ‘game food,’ we highly recommend watching these two: . There’s an authenticity in their style that we just can’t get enough of (and the food looks unreal to boot). If messing the kitchen up feels exhausting, Mainstay in Asbury Park is serving $10 cheeseburgers all day. And if our memories serve us right- Chef James makes a bad ass 🍔.

What are you Watching (in-between the plays/commercials/USHER of course 😉)?

Fashion week is in full force; now in NY, and we love to see what is in the pipeline for FW24. Vogue Runway has a great app that’ll show you all the looks from current and past seasons. Just in case the app world gets confusing, here’s a visual…

And if you missed our last email, the text or our stories (we are trying to get your attention from any/all angles), we hope you will play along in our inaugural INTERbowl 2024. It’s super easy and you’re already on your phone. All you gotta do is make a purchase- can be a $6 card, one of our coveted fine case gems (here’s B personal fave- as a pinky ring- DEAD) or even our best selling women’s tee, and the men’s version is here, since t-shirts have genders. Back to the rules of INTERbowl… make an in-store purchase (we close at 5 Sunday) or online (until the end of the game) and you will be entered to win one of our 4 Usher-themed gift packages. One winner will be announced after each quarter here; with the biggest prize right after the end of the game.

 Giveaway Q1- U Don’t have To Call package:

 Giveaway Q2- Climax package:

 Giveaway Q3- Confession PT II package:

Giveaway Q4- U Got it Bad package:

 *these items must be selected from available stock in-store*

And lastly…

Who are you Watching with?

A moment of deeper thought in the event winter has you stuck in your head a bit more than usuh- which is also totally normal. Are you someone that will be watching the game out at a sports bar sorta spot? Will you watch the game alone? Will you watch the game with a small crew or are you attending a blow-out house party? There’s also a category of individuals who fall under the IDGAF group. I think how you like to view/ “watch” things says a lot about the person you are. None of them are better than the other, but it’s important to pay attention to how you feel during and after events and respect that. Honoring your time and filling your life (here’s what I really wanted to share from the company “People I’ve loved”) with people who think of you when they read this is the true key to happiness.

And in the true spirit of game day- HUT! HUT! HUT!


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