Our list of donations starts with the most recent. If you are interested in partnering with Interwoven to give back or have an organization you would like considered for a charitable donation please reach out to



Deal School PTO donation


Delivering Good Donation

January 16, 2022

We at Interwoven often consider the inevitable environmental effects that come with working in fashion; the main being the waste issue the textile industry leaves on the planet. We pride ourselves on being a hub of carefully curated brands, that are, more often than not, small batch, eco conscious, and/or sustainable. If you’ve been following our Interwoven journey, then you know that our mission is to be more than just another store. Yes, we’re passionate about fashion, expression, but above all, making an impact on our community and beyond is the heartbeat that kick-started this party 8 years ago (holy shit… where does the time go?). So, it felt like a no-brainer when we stumbled upon Delivering Good, that we had to be a part of their powerful and influential cause. The nonprofit provides new clothing, home goods, and beauty items to individuals across the nation who have been faced with poverty or tragedy. So basically we are a match made in donation heaven. Where we once felt a sense of, to be candid, guilt while looking at the surplus of pretty, shiny things we’ve accumulated but didn’t really have much use for, is now a sense of gratitude for Delivering Good and the badass things they’re doing. In 2022, Interwoven donated $15,688.75 worth of new apparel, accessories, and skincare items to Delivering Good. We look forward to doin good and feelin good leaving an impact on those who need a hand (while minimizing our impact on the planet as an added bonus) alongside them in the future. Happy 2023, y’all.

In lieu of a Black Friday promotion


The term itself- Black Friday is so odd to me and I really don't like playing by the rules; especially when these rules involve promoting over-consumption. This year, instead of offering some sort of blow-out, knock down the door Black Friday promo, we donated 10% of our sales to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County. Below is a receipt of our donation and we thank all of you for being on this ride with us. Have a happy Holiday season.

xxo- Bianca and crew


Dear Bianca, 

This is a receipt for your generous donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County.

Organization: Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County
Campaign: Donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County
Donating Company: Interwoven
Company Representative: Bianca Freda
Amount: (blocked out for privacy purposes)
Donation Interval: One-time
Receipt #: 26573298
Donated At: 11/29/2022 15:52:48 EST
Payment Method: American Express 8000
Donor Address:
722 Cookman Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ
United States

Phone: 7327751713
Designation: Use as most needed

Thank you,

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County



 Local Monday: Gives Back

In the Summer of 2022 we were proud to partner with other local businesses around Asbury Park to give back to New Jersey-based non profit organizations who make our community stronger every day. Every Monday we donated 10% of our total sales and our partnering business also made a sales-based contribution.

July 11 | Interwoven + Booskerdoo: Donated $530 to 180 Turning Lives Around 
"My name is Caitlin and I work in the development department at 180 Turning Lives Around. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your collaborative fundraiser with Interwoven and Booskerdoo on July 11, 2022. You truly have no idea how much fundraisers like these continue to support our free and confidential services to those in need. Our success would not be possible without your generosity and care."

July 18 | Interwoven + Freedom Rocks: Donated $376 to Planned Parenthood

July 25 | Interwoven + Pulp: Donated $373 to New Jersey Abortion Access Fund

August 1 | Interwoven + Lock and Shade: Donated $700 to The Brigid Alliance

August 8 | Interwoven + Killer Pies: Donated $891 to SAGE

August 15 | Interwoven + Talula's: Donated $505 to Asbury Park Community Beach Badge Fund


Here are some of the other charities that we've donated to since we've opened in November 2014

In lieu of a Black Friday promo, this year we donated 10% of our sales to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County. Receipt of donation here. 

Almost a $1000 was given to The Southern Poverty Law Center from our gift wrapping efforts this holiday season. SPLC matched all donations made by 12/20- But thanks to our amazing customers, we continued to donate proceeds until Christmas Day. December 2021 

Contributed gifts and a $100 gift card to Reading As a Right for their launch party Dec 2021 in Asbury Park, NJ.

Donated $200 Interwoven gift card and gifts to The Boy's and Girls Club of Monmouth County October 2021 for their annual raffle.

Donated to the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide to their annual Golf Outing August 2021. Their gatherings and auctions are intended to raise funds to reduce the number of attempted and completed suicides amongst young adults. 

Donated to I Support the Girls August 2021 for their initiative to assist Afghan women and girls.

We are the sponsors for the 2021 Brewers Little League of Ocean Township team. 

Interwoven donated on various occasions to the Asbury Park Dinner Table which was a resource for food insecure individuals living in and around Asbury Park. (2020)

Interwoven collaborated with Swell to provide underprivileged school age youth in Lakewood, NJ with New Swell reusable water bottles to stay hydrated while their school water fountains were no accessible. (Nov., 2020)

Interwoven donated to the Affordable Housing Foundation of Neptune, NJ township (Jul., 2020)

Interwoven donated to the Boys & Girls club of Monmouth County (Mar., 2020)

Interwoven donated to Best Buddies, which is an organization to help create opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (Nov., 2019)

Interwoven contributed to the Tour of the Litchfield Hills, which is a race to help fundraise for the Center for Cancer care. (Aug., 2019)

Bianca volunteered at the Pride Island 50th year celebration with Callen-Lorde. CL is an organization that provides quality healthcare and related services targeted to New York's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. (Jun., 2019)

Interwoven donated to I Support the Girls which is an organization that provides bras and menstrual hygiene products for girls and women experiencing homelessness. (May, 2019)

We have donated to Tails of Hope, which is a no-kill animal rescue group based in Monmouth County.

Follow along our Instagram feed to see the details of these organizations and other ones we feel good about donating towards

Planned Parenthood of Monmouth County

Asbury Park Athletic Department

The Southern Poverty Law Center

I Support the Girls

The A. Skate Foundation

The Lake house Music Academy 

Deal School PTO

In 2017 we donated over $5000 worth of clothing and accessories to a Women's group in Monmouth County.