Mary's Place by the Sea: A place for healing in Ocean Grove

by Savanna Eosso

For fifteen years now, Mary's Place by the Sea has been providing support for women with cancer to heal - mind, body, and soul - at NO COST. 
Mary’s Place by the Sea was founded in 2009 with the compassionate belief that women with cancer need a place to go and be surrounded by love and understanding. Mary’s Place by the Sea has been embraced by its community of supporters since its humble beginnings in a rented B&B to its current location, a beautiful ten-bedroom, custom-built home in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

Steps from the sea, Mary’s Place has welcomed over 15,000 women through its doors – each treated with compassion and care that meets their individual needs and allows them to connect with other women who share their journey. (Mary's Place by the Sea)
With a mission that hits close to home, we are proud to support to their invaluable work with a contribution to their 15th Anniversary Gift Auction. 
To learn more about the work they do, visit Mary's Place online at or on Instagram at @marysplacebythesea