WEEK OF FEB 23: Loafers, Tearaway Pants, Oh My

by Savanna Eosso


(ICYMI) Every Thursday we drop our new arrivals & walk you through some looks we put together on Instagram.

Bianca and Sav are back from their New York buying trip… and came back to work not only with loads of new ideas / inspo but also wearing almost exactly the same outfit.

ANYWAY. Let’s go through some of the new new with Mars. Loafers, tearaway pants, and oh so much more below.

look 1

styling the GANNI loafer

Every once in awhile a shoe comes along and it makes your whole closet feel new… GANNI is always on their Copenhagen-cool A-game but the feminine buckle upgrade to a classic comfy loafer was just what we never knew we needed.

We put the whole thing together with some new-to-sale pieces and viola. You got a spring-ready everyday look.

look 2

mod meets 90s

That 90s tearaway pant got a California-cool update in this Simon Miller set.
J'adore these functional side snaps for showing some skin and for being ready to ball out on the court in 3.5 seconds.

look 3

bostons meet
vintage-inspired slip dress

The drape on the Margaux Slip Dress from Rolla’s does exactly what you wish your vintage slip dress could do… Throw on a pair of Bostons to bring it down to everyday wear.