WEEK OF MARCH 1: Mondrian, NYC, and Spring Color

by Savanna Eosso

(ICYMI) Every Thursday we drop our new arrivals & walk you through some looks we put together on Instagram.

This week we’re talking bright spring color. Holding ourselves to the standard of Manhattan in the suburbs of New Jersey.

And last but not least, we want to know what you think the most underrated thing about living in / breathing in / spending time in Asbury Park is…

TELL US YOUR THOUGHTS & Let’s break down this week’s L00Ks.


. . . . . . .


look 1

Broadway Boogie Woogie, Piet Mondrian (MoMA)

Broadway Boogie Woogie, Piet Mondrian (MoMA)

a hot take on primary colors

Mondrian painted Broadway Boogie Woogie in 1942 quite literally inspired by the stop-go dance of New York City. On his very first night in Manhattan, he fell in love with boogie-woogie music and the rhythm came out in his painted decisions with his reds, yellows, and blues.

That being said, look 1 has rhythm and movement too. Find us dancing from the ferry to the Hotel Chelsea in this turquoise Ali Golden mesh dress… Not without our accents of neon yellow and bright punchy red to deliver the dynamite ;)



(DRESS) Ali Golden Sheer Side Ruffle Dress

(SINGLET) Jungmaven Singlet Romper

(BAG) HVISK Jolly Bag in Pure Red

(BOOTS) Ganni Embroidered Western Boot

(BRACELET) Clare V. Resin Link Bracelet


. . . . . . .


look 2

a delicious feast of color

We know Rachel Antonoff does everything right, but these color-block picnic gingham pants make the whole color palette happen here.

Sometimes it’s a gut reaction to grab a neutral when you reach for a colorful pattern-ful bottom, but look 2 is your proof in the pudding that you should challenge that. And then throw an 80s bangle at it.


(TOP) Mika Buttondown Top in Turquoise

(PANTS) Rachel Antonoff Citrus Mike Pant

(BRACELETS) Vintage Bangle Set (in store only)

(SUNGLASSES) Crap Eyewear Bikini Vision in Crystal Kelp

(BOW SCRUNCHIE) Room Shop Bow Scrunchie in Chartreuse

(CLOGS) Charlotte Stone Bonnie Clog


. . . . . . .


look 3


we want to be this girl’s friend


If we saw her walking down the street in this outfit we would probably ask her for her number. Purely because we like her style.

Full-green-sequin can be casual too… and we almost prefer it that way. Throw a sporty Jungmaven tee under it and some unexpected details.

(we will find any way to add a banana to a look)



(HAT) Deus Killer Waves Cap

(TEE) Jungmaven Silverlake Crop Tee in Athletic Gray

(DRESS) Ali Golden Tie Back Sequin Maxi

(NECKLACE) Frutta Necklace in Banana

(PHONE CHAIN) Ossa Baroque Pearl Wristlet Phone Chain

(PHONE CASE) Ossa Transparent Phone Case

(SHOES) Ganni Mid Cleated Chelsea Boot