Interwoven is a shop like no other.  Every time you stop in our downtown Asbury Park boutique you'll see a new shirt, some new jewels and plenty of other things that'll make you smile.  We house an assortment of men's and women's apparel, accessories, jewels and beauty goods.  Some of the brands you'll see, you may have seen before and others, will be completely foreign to you.  But no matter what, we will get you looking and feeling your finest, because that's is what we are here to do.  We curate the best of the best from brands near and far and we take all the details into consideration. 
Along with making you feel and look your best; the owner, Bianca; feels very strongly about giving back to the community and donating to global organizations that can make someone's life better. 
"Interwoven, at it's core is about getting you in the finest digs, but at the end of the day, if we don't use our platform for something greater, than this is all frivolous; and that's just stupid."