Bianca's Bored-Girl Summer Must-Haves

I recently read an article about summer and how hectic the days of it can be. The idea/vision/dream of having nothing on your schedule and just being bored are a thing of the past. This concept of being okay being bored resonated with me as much as a tomato and mozzarella sandwich means summer to my Italian-blooded self. Ohhhh, how I wish I could go back to those days where friends just popped over and you didn't need to plan a themed event or arrange it over a zillion group texts. Give me the boredom. Give me the random drop-in visitors. Give me the last minute decision to scoop watermelon into balls, painting my nails and lounging on my porch ALL-DAY-LONG with nothing but that on my agenda. Until then, let's prepare and set us up for successful days of being bored one day at a time. 






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