by Bianca Freda

Well, well,'ve missed a lot!  Since our first operating days back in November of 2014, we've grown, we've evolved and we are so happy
you are (still) here with us.
Whether this is your first time visiting or you're an old friend, we just hope that you can tell how much we love what we do. We've expanded into a much bigger space and it's really something awe-inspiring. From 700 s.f. to 2200 and it wasn't easy, nor was it quick, but it was done right- it's so right. Every fixture, every color and every detail was selected by Bianca and the inspiration came from our new branding. The new logo was in the works for a while, but it didn't feel right to release in our old space. So sit back and enjoy a bit of the process. When it feels right- it's right.
722 Cookman Ave |  Asbury Park |  New Jersey
We are All Connected™
Creating Smiles & Sharing Style since 2014
And here's a bit of the inspiration for the journey of creation... 
Always scary, but if done with good intentions, an always rewarding trip.