by Bianca Freda

A while back Bianca was in the city getting a facial; which happens to be one of her most favorite things to do when she needs to unwind. She's a bit of an esthetician users beware. If you are esthetician reading this and you happen to get press on a new technique, tool or product, expect to see her in your books shortly. Long story short- Bianca met Sofie Pavitt; a very in-demand esthetician and was introduced to her witty and perfectly branded company. She then met the women behind the work and the rest is history.
And in it's truest identity, the ideal representation of what we do
best here...

We mix it up to get it just right, just for YOU, so you never feel like a duplicate for someone or something else. It's that combo of High vs. Low, New vs. Old, Straight vs. Curved, Masculine vs. Feminine, Playful vs. Serious and Sophisticated vs. Stuffy and ALWAYS being open to new ideas, but grounded in what we value most...

The people and all the relationships we've developed within these four walls. The "r" hugging the "w" does it for me and the repeat of it...sheer genius. Is genius a bit too much? We don't think so.

Bravo Zan, Bravo! 

The "hug of the r, as a repeat..."

And these colors... that's a James Beard kiss 

We don't want to show you everything, so you'll just have to come and check it  out for yourself or do a bit of online shopping to see what it all looks like together. 
We are All Connected™
And just incase you forgot, here is where we started... (logo-wise) in 2014.