WEEK OF MARCH 15: New new you can bring with you from season to season

by Savanna Eosso

Bright spring colors... Lots of new hitting the men’s racks.... Delicious colors from Jungmaven... Elevated new big buckles from Birkenstock... New new you can bring with you from season to season.

God, did the time change affect anyone else dramatically?! Do you also feel alive again?!


Now let’s break down the looks w/ Mars


. . . . . . .


look 1

did we say ciao?

Let everyone know you don't bite with this Clare V Ciao Oversized Sweatshirt. It’s giving "I say good morning to everyone on the block" in the best way.

Match that pop of bell pepper green with literal bell pepper earrings and elevate the whole thing with this pearlescent shell bag and high-shine Birkenstocks (which by the way come in 3 colors). 


(EARRINGS) Lil Pepper Dainty Huggie Earrings

(SWEATSHIRT) Clare V. Ciao Oversized Sweatshirt

(DRESS) Ganni Tiger Cotton Gathered Midi Dress

(BAG) Marina Seashell Clutch Bag

(SHOES) Birkenstock Arizona High Shine Big Buckle Sandals in Black


. . . . . . .


look 2

color palettes that tickle your brain

It’s not time to retire your cords for the season just yet. Pair your fall-feeling cords with a pastel & jewel tone color combo (like this bluebell and red-orange duo) and bring ‘em into spring.


(BANDANA) Studded Bandanas by Mars (one of a kind & IN STORE ONLY)

(SUNGLASSES) Crap Eyewear Bikini Vision in Crystal Bourbon

(TOP) Ross Mesh Lace Cap Sleeve Tee in Blue Bell

(PANTS) Ganni Washed Cord Drawstring Pants

(SHOES) Malmo Metallic Silver Clogs (RESTOCKED IN MORE SIZES!)

. . . . . . .


look 3

bows bows bows 

First of all, we’re all about to be owning this shirt. Second of all, going for a mix of femme & boyish with this look. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, this shirt is going to fly off the shelves.


(HAT) Ganni Denim Cap

(TOP) Genevieve Bow Buttondown Shirt

(PANTS) Rachel Antonoff Citrus Mike Pant

(BAG) Twiggy Mod Acrylic Bag in Green

(BOOTS) Ganni Low Embroidered Western Boot