10 Things We Can't Get Enough Of Right Now

Right now in the Interwoven universe, there are quite a few things occupying our brain space... things we're trying to journal our way out of... the shocking revelation that we're five weeks out from Memorial Day Weekend in good ol Asbury Park, New Jersey.... and there are quite a few things we keep reaching for that we just simply can't gatekeep. Lucky for you, you can find them at Interwoven. 
Here are 10 of them for ALL of you. 

1  Boy Smells Genderful Fine Fragrance

(these in particular)

Cowboy Kush (LEFT) has these addicting notes of suede, saffron and patchouli. We feel you either love patchouli or you don’t. If you’re on team patchouli, prepare to swoon. Guys, we'd love this on you. Rose Load (RIGHT) - A.K.A. Bianca's obsession - is the perfect mix of femme (rose) and masc (papyrus & agarwood). 

2  A Cozy Sock from Escuyer

Your feet work hard. Reward 'em. Escuyer makes all their socks at a great family-owned factory in Portugal.

3  The Birkenstock Classics

There's a reason the Arizona and the Boston continue their reign as superior shoes. They're easy, they're comfy, they're for everyone. Get your classics, and throw in a metallic twist tooooo.
(Sizes 35-46)
(Sizes 36-45)
(Sizes 35-41)

4  Everything Ametta Skin

With a change in season... our skin is confused. Enter Ametta Skin. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, they're our latest go-to mask. Cruelty-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, no artificial fragrances, plus the packaging is eco-friendly, the gel in their masks is biodegradable AND they use collagen made from kelp (aka vegan). Do your skin a favor and try one of these.



5  Spring Sunglasses

A refresh that changes the whole game.
Raen Rece Sunglasses in Polarized Absinthe / Vibrant Brown

6  Prove Me Wrong Bauhaus Mugs

Handmade in Highland Park, NJ (by Bianca's super talented brother Jamie), Prove Me Wrong Bauhaus Mugs are inspired by the German art school (1919-1933) and its famous approach to good design with function.

 Adding-One-More-Piece to your jewelry stack

Ditch that saying "take one thing off before you leave the house" ... you should be adding one more thing. 
Rose Signet Ring (GREAT for the boys)

8  Switching out our bag straps for a new season

A new bag strap can make your everyday bag feel like a brand new one... and we have Clare V. to thank for the eternal bag strap creativity.

Here's an example: one bag, four different straps.

A Clare V. Resin Shortie Strap in Cobalt

B Delfonics Carabiner Cord Strap in Purple

C Clare V. Masculin Feminin Crossbody Strap

D Clare V. Adjustable Checker Strap in Cobalt




9 A Jungmaven Staple

Good for the planet. Good for the soul. You know when you're on a first date and you have no idea if you're going to mesh? Do they really "get it"? Are they into the things I'm into? I knew it would work when he asked if the tee I was wearing was from Jungmaven. It's just one of those things.

The Jungmaven Bonfire Raglan (left) is a favorite for women as of late...

The Jungmaven Boulder Tee (right) is a heavier-weight new-to-the-shop tee that the guys have been loving. 

10 A Throw-In-Your-Bag Skincare Essential

Just because it's good doesn't mean it has to be boring. 

Blind Barber Watermint Gin Daily Face Moisturizer

Mini Fruit Cherry Lip Balm

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