Bianca's Top 5 Met Gala Looks

Bianca here.

Two major thoughts before we jump into the whole thing.

Yes! There are horrific things going on in the world-that no one can deny.

While I had my two tv's going - one with the Met Gala and one (Tony brought down from the attic) with the Knicks game playing, I felt a pit in my stomach- how silly is all this? How do our minds allow us to shut one event off and allow space for another? And although I don't think I have it figured out, I hope this logic brings you a bit of peace and acceptance while you enjoy some fun and light content here.

You are unique! There is no one exactly like you and with that, you are capable of handling things differently than the person next to you.

And our ability to take on heavy issues, process them and be our best self is an evolution throughout our lives. Some people seem to be open and willing acceptors of all the heavy stuff and others, avoid all news, fearing it will pull them down.

The best thing you can do is to accept people for what they can take on and respect that everyone knows themselves well enough to block out what doesn't serve them. I am not saying you should ignore world events or only tune into what brings you joy. I think life is about balance and you need to assess where you are at and not make assumptions about one group or the other.

We start each day with a full tank of gas and if we can end the day knowing we brought some amount of joy into the world; whether it was by holding the door for someone, donating to an organization you are passionate about or sharing an outfit of the day, then I think you should be proud. If you run out of gas early in the day, then you won't be your best self for you or anyone around and as the saying goes: " We are All Connected." Do the best you can at this moment and at this moment, I want to share my five favorite looks from the Met Gala.

Thanks for reading along and supporting my business for the last (almost 10 Years) while it and I evolve.


What's the last thing you saw, did, read that gave you joy? Do share in the comments.



1. Amelia Gray in Undercover and Messika

2. Gigi Hadid in Thom Browne and Chopard

3. Tyla in Balmain

4. Rita Ora in Marni

5. Willy Chavarria in Willy Chavarria

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