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Nothing fits perfectly into a mold, or a box. There are people who surround us that feel like guardians, siblings, and non-romantic soulmates. No one should be exempt from this holiday- and in our hands, we hope you feel held as you celebrate it. Whether you want to show some love to a more non-traditional mother figure, comfort someone who's mom is no longer with them, comfort yourself, or simply celebrate mother earth- there's something Out Of The Box for that. We understand that this gift box is more unique than the rest, so we will ensure that it is as personally curated to your situation as possible. We do love specifics. 

Here's a little info on how these boxes work:

    • We have limited amounts due to being such a small business, so we suggest reserving as soon as possible!
    • We can accommodate early orders, as soon as April 9th
    • All prices will be removed from items and no receipts will be included
    • Items will be packaged in our signature smiley tissue paper
    • Box will be gift wrapped in our seasonal wrapping paper and ribbon
    • Top two price points include complimentary ground shipping in the domestic US, and ALL gift boxes include a greeting card (value $6) and a message of your choosing written in the card 
    • $10 rush charge will be added to gift boxes that are required to ship same day 
    • Contents of gift box are ~25% more than the suggested box prices
    • All gift boxes are final sale and not eligible for exchanges or returns- no exceptions unfortunately! 


 Your order is placed, what's next?

    • You will receive an email with the below questions
    • Once we get your responses, our little gift experts will get started piecing your gift box together. Gift boxes are completed within 48 hours of receiving the responses
    • Your gift box is complete! You will receive an email with either tracking info or a time for when your gift box can be picked up. 
    For Someone Else:

    1. Who is this person in relation to you? (Parental figure, friend, loved one)

    2. Is there anything we should know about their relationship to Mother's Day? 

    3. Are they interested in wine or spirits? 

    4. What is their zodiac sign? Does this mean anything to them/ you?

    5. What message do you want written in their card?

    6. Can you possibly include a picture of this person? (bonus if you have a picture of yourself and them together!)

    7. If there's an iconic character from TV of Movies they remind you of, who is it?!

    8. What are their favorite colors/ color combinations? What colors do they dislike?

    9. Finally, generally- what size are they in clothes? 

    If This Box Is For You:

    1. What are your favorite colors/ color combinations? And what colors do you dislike?

    2. Do you like any particular category of our shop most? (beauty & grooming, clothing, accessories, home decor)

    3. Describe your idea of self-care 

    4. Are you interested in wine or spirits?

    5. What would you like written in your card?

    6. Do you love going out, or prefer staying in?

    7. Is there anything in particular you want us to know?

    8. What sizes are you in clothing?

    Thank you so much for entrusting us to make this special curated package! We can't wait to get started! 
    Bianca and team