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Inspired by a childhood spent in the Minnesota North Woods, Ranger Station is a small-team fragrance company creating rich, earthy fragrances that emulate the finest scents found in nature. Sound enticing? The 10ml Roll On Fragrance is a fantastic way to try a new scent. We highly recommend all of them, but start with Santalum if you're stuck... Its a shop fave. 

  • 10ml
  • Paraben-Free
  • Hand Mixed To Order in Nashville, TN

Scent Notes:

(NEW)Woodland Rose: (Rose+ Raspberry + Lavender + Cedar + Palo Santo+ Wood OilThey took traditionally feminine Rose and combined it with woody, spicy, and amber warmth to make it something that can be both extremely feminine, or extremely masculine, depending on how it's used and who it is used by.

(NEW)Sandalwood + Bergamot: (Citrus + Vetiver + Redwood + Incense+ SmokeThe intensely earthy scent of Sandalwood + Bergamot is wildly aromatic but also subtle, with a mellow, woodsy finish. Like a well-worn linen shirt aged to perfection by sun and smoke, the scent is woven together with the deep-forest spice of redwood and vetiver and the clean, bright notes of white musk and citrus.

Oud Wood: (Moss + Bergamot + Oud Wood + Cedar + Palo Santo) **2nd BEST SELLER*** Perfect for anyone looking for a fragrance nobody else has. Yes, there are other Oud Wood's in the market, but none like this. You will attract all the right kinds of attention with this blend of warm oud and the spiritual smokiness of palo santo. Don't hold back.

Tobacco + Musk: (White Pepper + Teak + Musk + Amber + Pipe Tobac) Tobaco, spice, and everything nice. This indulgent fragrance spotlights the earthy sweetness of freshly-picked tobac leaves, seasoned nicely with spicy notes of amber and pepper. Wrapped up in a warm base of teakwood and sandalwood and brightened by a touch of grassy vetiver, wearing this scent is to emit a sophisticated concerto of soil-grown splendor.

Leather + Pine: (Fresh Evergreen + Pine Sap + Leather + Ambrox + Blue Musk) If you’ve ever wandered into a pine forest, you likely carried its scent home with you. Inspired by that unique experience and our own trips to the Minnesota North Woods, Leather + Pine is a coniferous fragrance designed to make you and your admirers feel closer to the forest line, no matter how far you stray from it. With base notes of inky leather oil and aromatic frasier fir, layered with cedarwood and saddle soap, the resulting scent is warm and clean, with a touch of tree-sap sweetness.

Santalum: (Cedar + Papyrus + Clove + Amber + Musk + Sandalwood) ***BEST SELLER*** Known to regularly charm passerby's with its captivating musk, Santalum is a carefully mastered take on a sandalwood-centric scent. Starting with a woodsy base of Australian Sandalwood, we layer on leather and ambrox to establish a uniquely rich and spicy depth. We then weave in subtle notes of cardamom and palo santo for an underlying herbal complexity. The result is a warm and vibrant fragrance rumored to be addictive to its users and admirers alike.


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