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Candles aren't quite doing it for you anymore? Well we hope you go back to them, because we have some pretty great ones... but we DO have a solution for you in the meantime. The Mod Wax Warmer is the slight level-up from its original form. Now with a temperature control setting, this alternative slowly heats scented wax melts for a wonderfully fancy, flame-free experience. A steady and warm glow illuminates the warmer, creating a gorgeously calm atmosphere for your eyes as well as your nose. Its a bi-sensory, whole new level of mood lighting... 

The Cozy Cabin, and Bourbon&Wood wax melts are our absolute faves, so we chose these for you to enjoy. 

  • 6.5 x 4 in
  • 3 1/2 ft, Two-Prong Chord 
  • Features "On" setting for continuous meting, or 3-6-and 9 hr timer settings 
  • Features temperature control setting 
  • Wax melts in no-scrape silicone dish for easy wax removal
  • Built-in ceramic heater with no bulbs or replacements needed 

 Temperature Settings (Queue Sean Paul) 

Low Setting This setting melts your wax melts the slowest, but is the best option if you're trying to make your fragrance last longer. 
Medium Setting This setting is the best for a traditional wax melting experience. 
High Setting This setting melts your wax melts the fastest, but your fragrance may 'burn off' quicker. 

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