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The Forget Me Not Necklacearring. Thats right, a necklace/earring. Genius. This gem can be worn as a singular earring, as it features a hoop fastening at its blue-pendant end. For necklace wear, hook the hoop into the link for a lariat style, or simply fasten the hoop to an eyelet at the ruby pendant end. Jessica T. is the brains behind this piece, inspired by living between New York and Florence. Her designs are all the manifestation of late night ideas, and spontaneous thoughts that found their ways onto her sketchbook. We love to see it. 

  • Necklace full length at about 22", and adjustable 
  • Tarnish-resistant gold plated chain, hoop, glass pendants
  • Handmade materials mean no two are identical. Minor variations make each piece special! Handmade with love