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The Ellis Brooklyn Eau De Parfum is quickly becoming a shop favorite. Each fragrance is thoughtfully cared for from production start to finish. The bottle is composed of glass and can be reused or recycled. This cap is biodegradable and contains no petrochemicals. All the Ellis fragrances are made in the USA. 

Myth The airy beauty of jasmine petals and tiger orchid meets the sexy, undeniable warmth of liquid musks and white cedarwood. It's a sophisticated fragrance for the senses, for the gods and worthy of the myths it will create. 
  • Top: Bergamot, ambrette seeds, cassis
  • Mid: Tiger orchid, pink lotus, jasmine petals
  • DryPatchouli, liquid musks, white cedarwood
Salt-  Salty skin, the creamy heat of the sun and a whiff of tropical florals, SALT is sensual, complex and soul-healing. SALT features the heady salty notes of vegan ambergris with the tropical floral notes of Tahitian tiare and the warmth of sandalwood and musk.
  • Top: Ylang Ylang, Violet leaves absolute
  • Mid: Tahitian Tiare, Magnolia Dianica
  • Dry: Musk, Ambergris (Vegan, sourced through Nature Print TM), Sandalwood
Bee-  Dripping with honey, warmed with dark rum, and loaded with the addictive notes of vanilla bean, sandalwood and cocoa absolute, BEE eau de parfum is the magical journey of finding and falling in love with yourself. It's for those that love warm and spicy scents and the kind of fragrance where you can't stop smelling yourself.
  • Top: Dark Rum, Davana
  • Mid: Honey (Vegan), Bran Absolute, Cinnamon
  • Dry: Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Absolute
Super Amber-  Ever imagined perfume as a texture? Meet SUPER AMBER, a cozy, super warm, addictive scent that envelops like a cashmere blanket on warm bare skin. SUPER AMBER is the beautiful marriage of cutting edge olfactive technology (made with minimal environmental and social impact) and clean perfumery (it’s free of fragrance allergens). Unlike traditional fragrances, SUPER AMBER is not structured with top, middle and base notes. Rather it blooms once it interacts with your skin's own unique chemistry. It's unlike any perfume you've smelled.
  • Mid: Amber, Vanilla Orchid, Virginia Cedarwood, Musk