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Founded in Los Angeles by Carina Chaz- DedCool brings a range of products that keep health, quality, and ethics in mind. Their Roll On Perfume is a portable little veil of aroma that never disappoints, and always entices. Their scents are formulated in series format, each a little different than the last. These are some of the most complex and elegant scents we carry!
  • .15 oz 
  • unisex
  • 100% Natural, Vegan & Cruelty free 
  • Woman Owned & Founded 
  • Made in LA 

And you got OPTIONS:

01 Taunt is sweet, yet perfectly subtle and warm. Like being fed fresh Crème Brûlée in a hot bath. 

  • top notes-Bergamot, Fresh dew
  • middle notes- Floral, Cassis
  • bottom notes- Vanilla, Amber
  • "SO SO GOOD Adore this scent. It’s sexy and warm and also androgynous"

03 Blonde will veil you in black velvet and blonde woods combined with a sweet hint of saffron

  • top notes- Juniper berries, Pomelo, Saffron
  • middle notes- Accord cuir, black violet, crystal rose
  • bottom notes- Blonde woods, raspberry, vetiver
  • "PERFECT Such a complex, layered, long lasting scent. Dark and mysterious yet fresh and exciting. It really evolves throughout the day, especially when layered with Milk. I've been searching for a signature scent and have finally found it with 03 Blonde."

     04 Fragrance  potent with rich varieties of pepper, fig, and hints of patchouli. The musky-woodsy scent is rich and iconic. 

    • top notes- fig, pepper
    • middle- orange, lemon
    • bottom- sandalwood, patchouli
    • "THIS SCENT HAS MY HEART. It's sooooo nice. Share it w/ my boo and we're both sniffing ourselves...endlessly."