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The 100% Soy based Cozy Cabin Wax Melts are the warmest smelling package of melts we have to offer. This mix offers 3 scents in one for your new Mod, Standard, Portable, or Wall Plug-In Wax Warmer. This alternative to scented candles is here to STAY. It's super easy, absolutely beautiful, and requires zero time wondering if you forgot to blow a flame out. They also use high-quality essential oils when infusing these wax melts, so all scents are phthalate free. 

Mix Includes-

Pepper & Pine: Regal fragrance notes of fresh pine needle and evergreen gently spiked with black peppercorn deepened by the luxurious warmth of amber, incense, and Italian leather. Green Bear 

Bourbon & Wood: A rich medley of bourbon-infused woods combine with soft cashmere elements sweetened with spiced vanilla over aged leather and enduring musk. Tan Bear 

Bonfire: Rolling wood smoke intermingles with crushed cedar and weathered driftwood brushed with dark coconut fruit, warmer leather, and salted breezes. Dark Orange Bear


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