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Birthstones are believed to bring good luck and wisdom to the wearer. Give a personalized gift to your best bud! Your mom! Or treat yourself... Hey, we all could use a lil' extra luck. A gift for a mother of multiple children (or dogs, cats, rabbits, pet rocks)? Get a bead for the birth month of each child! An Interwoven exclusive. Each bead is meant to resemble the birthstone of all 12 months; hand blown and attached onto a 14k gold hoop by the artist, to be worn as a necklace charm.  

  • Material: hand blown glass with 14k gold detail
  • Comes packaged in a tiny glass bottle with a message of what each stone represents so you don't have to do the talking
  • Necklace is NOT included

A little on each bead:

January: Garnet | Protection

February: Amethyst | Wisdom

March: Aquamarine | Serenity

April: Diamond | Strength

May: Emerald | Hope

June: Pearl | Love

July: Ruby | Vitality

August: Peridot | Beauty

September: Sapphire | Truth

October: Tourmaline | Healing & Luck

November: Citrine | Joy

December: Turquoise | Friendship