How do I know what is going to be in the gift box?
Based on the answers you send back to us, we will tailor it as well as we can. If you are concerned with specifics you may not want/want in your box- you can include that in your answers or express any concerns you may have. 
What if I definitely know there is a specific item I'd want in my gift box?
When you answer the questions we send to you, let us know what that item is and we'll do our best to ensure it's in there! We know some prefer less mystery than others, and we are totally cool with that. 
What if my wife has a wool allergy and is vegan? Is that important to note?
Yes, definitely let us know of anything like this! There may be edible items in the box, or items made of leather. We have many vegan products, so we can absolutely work around that. 
What if they don't like the box?
We approach every scenario on a case by case basis, but that being said- the gift boxes are intended to be a whole package deal that are final sale. The value of the boxes is -25% higher than the sticker price, so returns would not be the same in value. In most cases, returns are not allowed; however, we will absolutely allow exchanges if size or fit is on issue. 
How long will it take for my gift box to arrive?
Once we get your responses, it takes our team approximately 24-48 hours to put the gift box together and ship it out. So, if your box was ordered Monday and you got the responses back to us by that same day- your box would be shipped out Tuesday or Wednesday of that same week. With the purchase of any box over $100, we pick up the cost of freight via USPS priority mail. If you are picking up the box, then you will be notified when it is completed via email! 
Can I order multiple boxes for different people?
Yes, you absolutely can! Just order them as you would any other product. Once we begin communicating with you, just let us know if they need to be shipped to multiple locations. 
Is this box appropriate to give to a friend? Or my daughter who is 10?
Of course! Once you get your questions- you will be able to let us know the relationship between you and the recipient. We will customize the box to be completely appropriate for your relationship and their age/interests. 
I see that the gift boxes all include a greeting card. How do you select the card, and should I send you the message I want written inside?
We pick the card based upon the box that is selected, and the responses you send us. If there is a particular card you see online that speaks to you• let us know! We'll do our best to include that one in your box. If we are shipping the box to you, to avoid unnecessary unwrapping on your end, we do ask that you let us know what message you want written in the card. If you are picking up the gift box, then we leave the card blank for you to fill out. 
Will the gift box be wrapped?
It sure will. We package each gift box with a lot of love, removing all prices and packing slips. If the gift box is being shipped, it will be wrapped separately from the actual shipping box. The one exception is for the $35 boxes, which are shipped nicely in our signature yellow bubble envelope - complete with our smiley tissue. 
I want to order my box today, but can you ship it closer to the actual holiday?
Yes, totally. Just let us know when you place your order, and we will do our best to estimate when we should ship the box to arrive to that location closest to the date of the holiday.