We are beyond elated to welcome a new line of jewelry to our shop, Lio & Linn, a line of fine jewelry hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY. 

Lio&Linn jewelry carries an effortless elegance.

Ethereal. Meaningful. Constantly evolving.

After spotting Lio & Linn's pieces for the second time in real life, we knew we found it- This would be the company to reintroduce Interwoven's fine jewelry collection to our fans. 

Lio & Linn's designs are the perfect balance of whim, playfulness and sophistication that we strive for in all we wear and put out into the "universe."  Masumi, the designer of the line "practices a process of thinking with their hands and embraces such fine details in the designs; similar to what one would see in fine art." The pieces truly are so special and the meaningful intentions seep through to the end least that is what we hope for. Made using all recycled 14k gold, sterling silver and stones; diamonds Masumi designs jewelry that will make the wearer "feel new," and that is definitely something we can get behind. Enjoy taking a peak at our faves online or stop in the shop to check this beautiful line of fine jewelry out. 


Sorry, there are no products in this collection.