For Dad

We put together an assortment of gift ideas for the 'less traditional Dad' in all the sense of the word. Whether you have two parents, one who identifies differently than the gender they were assigned or your only children are furry babies. Whatever the case is, what's on these next few pages will definitely bring some smiles and
joy to whomever you are shopping for this Father's Day. 
Sunday, June 18th 2023

A 'Father's' love is like no-other and I hope everyone reading this gets to experience that 'fatherly' love that my siblings and I did. If you ever stop by the shop, take a seat on my Dad's bench out front and say hello- he loved a good conversation about pretty much anything; but especially wine, the significance of eating a meal together and calling your "distant" relatives just to say hello. 
• Dr. Vincent DiNicola •
May 25, 1940 - December 27, 2019





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