From the advice you'll always remember, to the quirks you've always hated- dads are a particular breed that can't be summed up so simply. Changing your oil without asking is... specific, but can we really say it wasn't sweet of him? Whether he's a brand new dad, dad to be, dad of 40 years or a dog & cat dad- he deserves some special goods for Father's Day! We don't have any wrench sets or WD40, but we do have items that can appeal to his more ~aesthetic~ side.

So- for your own dad, someone else's dad, yourself, or your husband- take a look at some things youse wont come across any old day. Does this dad you have in mind forget to do nice things for himself & neglect his shopping needs? Or does he have the highest standards ever? Is he completely indifferent? Good news, any and all scenarios apply here, as per usual. Interwoven always has your back :)