Closet Essentials U Need RN

Your relationship with the things you wear can feel easy… empowering… NOT toxic! ☠️🤢 The trick to it? A good foundation, baby. You gotta build a solid base. Hi, it’s your Interwoven retail-therapists here, ready to spill some secrets:

1. YOU NEED A GOOD TEE: An investment tee. The kind that drapes in just the right way. Suddenly all your sweaters just feel right. A scarf makes sense. Look to Jungmaven for the best of the best.

2. YOU NEED A GOOD BUTTONDOWN: Whether the collar is just peeking out of a pullover or you’re throwing a vest over it, maybe you’re throwing the buttondown open over a statement mini dress. Infinite combos unlocked.

3. YOU NEED A GOOD BLAZER: A staple. Something about a good blazer just makes you feel like you got it allllll together. Never goes out of style. We could wax poetic about blazers for days. 

It’s not all runway glam, but a good foundation makes all the statement pieces you stop dead in your tracks over feel like they have friends in your closet… they have a seat at the table… and to us, that’s amore 💋🤌🍅





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